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The following characters are on a 48 hour activity warning:

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Becky is back from hiatus!

And to celebrate, we’ll be holding an event soon. 

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Don’t be dissuaded by a lack of posts on the main.

Yes, I am very busy, but I am not neglecting this RP by any means. I’m around most of the time to answer any and all questions.

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The following characters are on a 48 hour activity warning:

  • Alice Marlowe

If a response is not received in 48 hours, they will be removed from the roleplay and the character will be re-opened.

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Hugo Eylewood has been re-opened.

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Atara was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and a knife in her hand. Born in Jerusalem to a CEO turned mobster, and one of the many prostitutes that worked for him, the little girl was groomed from a young age to take over her father’s position when she was old enough. She learned how to become two different people; the well-behaved socialite, and a mob boss that struck fear into the souls of anyone who crossed her.  She could be the beautiful heiress sipping tea with her pinky in the air one moment, and the next, her knife would be sunk into her target’s chest, blood splattering her lace gloves. 

By the time she was seventeen, Atara had already developed a reputation. She was known to be extremely vicious, and merciless. Much speculation was aimed towards why exactly such a beautiful young lady would overkill her victims to the extent she did. Some said it was her father’s doing, and he had raised her to become a heartless killer, much like himself. Others believed she was simply born to kill, and the violence ran through every fibre of her being.

But soon enough, the golden age of the Zahavy mob came to an end, when the police charged her father’s second in command with first degree murder. Soon enough, the law became interested in Mr. Zahavy and his daughter, and the media began to point a spotlight on the notorious family. It wasn’t safe for either of them to stay in Jerusalem, and her father decided it was time to expand their market. The two fled, withdrawing all of their money from their accounts, and leaving no clue of where they had went.

Atara and her father barely had time to adjust to their lives in Boston, or affiliate themselves with the mobs that ran rampant in the city, before the apocalypse struck. The initial wave of walkers was manageable, both herself and her father had large stocks of ammo, and they were able to fight them off. But the walkers kept coming, quicker and with more force. The two had no choice but to flee, and head out on the road in hopes of finding shelter. Six days of wandering, dehydrated and starving, they found The Lighthouse.

They were both brought in with open arms, and Atara and her father adjusted to group life easily. Her father grew close to  Georg Eriksson, becoming his advisor after the two bonded over similar ideas on how to lead the colony. After Atara demonstrated her advanced skills with firearms and hand-to-hand combat, she was assigned to a guard position. The two seemed to be useful members in the colony, friendly and helpful, and always looking out for the rest of the colony. 

Little did they know, behind closed doors, Atara and her father were planning to overthrow the Lighthouse Keeper. Both longed for the taste of power they had been deprived of for so long, and they knew that the only way for the Lighthouse to continue to thrive during the apocalypse, was to rule with an iron fist, and rid themselves of the weak. All they needed was to manipulate the residents to turn against Georg, and they would have their thrones. 

But her father passed away before they could see their plan come to life, a heart attack ending his life. Atara, still heartbroken, plans to complete her father’s plan, and make him proud. She’s begun to hear talks of rebelling against the power, and she’s trying to weave whoever has doubts about Georg, into her web and turn them against their leader.

Power will be hers once more. 


Atara, by nature, is a vicious person. Merciless, cruel, and easily angered, she’s extremely dangerous. However, being raised to exist on two sides of the spectrum; the criminal underworld of Israel and the millionaire’s club, she has learned to mask her character with a false pretext of sweetness and stupidity. She comes across to most as extremely friendly, and if anything, a little naive. But as time goes on, she can feel the act falling apart at the seams, as she grows more and more anxious, and experiences the effects from a withdrawal of power. 

The Lighthouse

Atara found the group that founded The Lighthouse six days after the outbreak with her father, and has been with them ever since. Both were dehydrated and malnourished, and their first days within the colony were spent being nursed back to health. 

Atara is an original character represented by Gal Gadot. She is taken, and can be found here

  • Megan → Alex Nicholls

Please make your account and send in a link for it in the next 24 hours, and welcome to The Lighthouse!

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