Growing up, Jamie was the definition of ‘spoiled brat’. Coming from a family with money practically growing on their garden trees, she never struggled to get what she wanted, especially if it was material. And she most certainly was a material girl. Her parents were delighted to have their baby girl since it was the only child they had ever planned and had ever intended to bring into the world. She was showered with praise and with gifts, even if she was misbehaving, since her parents just couldn’t accept that their baby girl could do any wrong.

As Jamie got older, she began to realise that the rest of the world wasn’t like her parents. Rarely would anyone outside of her family bow at her feet, and she was not used to that feeling at all. The feeling of being ordinary, and just like everybody else. This is why she would never allow herself to be considered that way. From a very young age she pronounced herself ‘Queen’ and regarded everyone else as her pawns, people she could use in order to feel more powerful. When a little girl grows up getting all that she wants, it is to be expected that her perception of the world will revolve around herself.

During her schooling years, classes and grades mattered little to Jamie. Luckily enough for her she was relatively intelligent and never failed a class, but what truly mattered to the girl was the way she was perceived. She was head cheerleader and known by everyone, the halls would practically clear out of the way whenever she would make her way down them. She just loved the feeling of being on top, even if it meant she had to climb over people to get there.

The real world had little to offer Jamie other than shopping sprees, Starbucks and Instagram. A job was something that she had hardly considered at all, she figured she didn’t need one if she already had people to give her money. Being perfect was her full time job. With boys, clothes, shoes and makeovers at her disposal, Jamie was content. She struggled to keep a real friend and she pushed people away all of the time, but she was still content. Or at least, she kidded herself that she was.

When she saw the reports of the outbreak on her television, she merely rolled her eyes and changed the channel. Jamie never would have believed that it was real, if the front window of her apartment hadn’t have been smashed in all the chaos on the streets. It was pure madness, and she wasn’t cut out for this lifestyle at all; she had never had to look after herself her entire life, and starting now sure as hell was a risky move. She struggled to fit into survival groups, often being exiled for an inability to co-operate within a group, and yet even when she found The Lighthouse, a community that welcomed her, she still wasn’t grateful. She refused to be, given the circumstances.


Selfish, arrogant and rude, Jamie is hardly easy to get along with. She still looks down her nose at people and regards herself as Queen Bee, with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude that is sure to get her nowhere. She would run screaming if she saw a walker, and she is yet to acknowledge just how lucky she is for surviving this long. She doesn’t want to die by any means, but she is not happy living in the current conditions. She takes advantage of those around her, pushing the boundaries with no regard for the fact that they may burst at any minute.

The Lighthouse

Jamie found The Lighthouse as it was still founding itself, and infiltrated right away. She offered no help to the construction of the wall or the defense against the walkers, she merely claimed one of the houses for her own and didn’t leave until it was regarded as ‘safe’. She cares little for the community, but knows she has nowhere else to go.

Jamie is a canon character represented by Jessica Lowndes, and is open.